Every year, HKFO recruits some of the best musical talents from Hong Kong and abroad to perform in a series of concerts and creative presentations.  Interested musicians with a heart to serve are encouraged to apply and participate in our festivals as an instrumentalist in the orchestra or as a chorister in the choir.

Individuals minded for a career in cultural and art administration are encouraged to apply for our internship programme as a volunteer.  Through competitive interviews and assessments, HKFO recruits some of the best young minds with a passion to pursue a career in managing the arts.  Through an intensive and interactive shadowing session with HKFO's Management Team, HKFO interns are expected to gain the invaluable experience and insight in working with international artists and managing creative "out-of-the-box" projects.


Join the Orchestra

Join the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra now to win the enviable experience working with some of the finest young musicians in Hong Kong and performing alongside the best musical talents from the world.

Join the Choir

Join the Hong Kong Festival Voices as a chorister for the enviable opportunity working in large-scale choral-orchestral works and working with some of the top musical talents from around the world.

Join the Administration

Join the HKFO Summer Internship Programme, one of the most competitive and rigorous arts administration training programme for the opportunity to learn first-hand the basics in managing local performances with global artists, as well as innovative mult-media productions.