Huawei 2015 "Global Mobile Broadband Forum": The Flash Mob
Opening of the Showroom of Crown Motors Limited: The Flash Mob
Yundi Li Emperor Fantasy World Tour - Hong Kong

​For the past 8 years, HKFO has been hailed as the undisputed leader in the area of concert productions, producing works in audio and visual production, printed design, stage and event management, and public performances of the finest calibre. HKFO's prior engagements include collaboration with renowned pianist Yundi Li's "Emperor Fantasy World Tour - Hong Kong", performances at the telecommunications giant Huawei's "Global Mobile Broadband Forum" at the AsiaWorld-Expo, the Opening of the Showroom of Crown Motors Limited, among many other private and public events. HKFO Productions now provides the opportunity for all to engage us in public performance services for all public and private events, whether corporate or ceremonial, at weddings and any joyous occasion.

HKFO Productions further offers professional audio and video recording services, as well as concert and event management, design and production. Together with HKFO School of Music, HKFO Production boasts its ownership over some of the finest musical facilities in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Festival Hall, a 1,640 sq ft acoustic concert hall, is one of the largest recording studios in Hong Kong fitted with a professional-grade control room. In early 2017, renowned Hong Kong composer Teddy Robin engaged HKFO Productions and the Hong Kong Festival Hall in recording the upcoming 2017 summer blockbuster, "Wukong

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